Site updates and news:

  • FEBRUARY 21st // 2009
    NEW GIG: De Lirium's will be playing live Thu 26th March at Henry's Pub, Kuopio, with PROFANE OMEN
  • OCTOBER 1st // 2008
    De Lirium's will be playing live 24th October at Lutakko, Jyvaskyla, with DEATHCHAIN and SOTAJUMALA.
    Soitto soi 22.00 alkaen!!! Liput: 7/6 - S - Ennakossa nyt!
  • MAY 25th // 2008
    S.M. NekroC visits YLE X3M's program Metalrepubliken and speaks one sentence of Swedish language. The show will be aired Monday 16.6. 21:00 o'clock.
  • MARCH 29th // 2008
    Thanks for all who joined us on our gigs at Helsinki and Lahti! In Gloria, Helsinki, we suffered quite a bit of technical problems. Lahti was overall great for us, too bad Enochian Crescent cancelled.

    Pics from Gloria-gig taken by Toni Salminen here

    Unfortunately we have to cancel also Turku because of Hellä's situation.
  • MARCH 4th // 2008
    Hellä has cancelled all upcoming gigs.
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  • FEBRUARY 27th // 2008
    The current live schedule is as follows:

    14.3.2008 Helsinki, Gloria w/ Kiuas, Black Sun Aeon, Hanging Garden, Garm 22.3.2008 Lahti, Cumulus w/ Barathrum, Enochian Crescent
    10.4.2008 Kuopio, Henry's Pub w/ Sotajumala SIIRRETTY! Uusi päivä tulossa. 25.4.2008 Tampere, Hellä w/ Noumena, The Zombi
    26.4.2008 Turku, Dante's Corner w/ Lie In Ruins

    A new website will be online in a day or two!
  • 27.02.08
    The current live schedule is as follows:

    14.3.2008 Helsinki, Gloria w/ Kiuas, Black Sun Aeon, Hanging Garden, Garm
    22.3.2008 Lahti, Cumulus w/ Barathrum, Enochian Crescent
    10.4.2008 Kuopio, Henry's Pub w/ Sotajumala SIIRRETTY! Uusi päivä tulossa.
    25.4.2008 Tampere, Hellä w/ Noumena, The Zombi
    26.4.2008 Turku, Dante's Corner w/ Lie In Ruins

    A new website will be online in a day or two!

  • 11.11.07

    We finally found the right twisted personality to run the vocal department of our band! He is J.S. Psycho, the current vocalist of Atakhama and drummer of Soulfallen. After one rehearsal with him everything seems great and I just can't wait to get to play onstage!

    Thanks to everyone who applied to handle the vocal duty.

    Also, the very first gig after two years break has been confirmed: Fri 14.03.2008 at Curium festival, Helsinki.

    -S.M. NekroC

  • 17.10.07
    De Lirium's Order interviewed in the newest issues of Miasma 4/2007 and Inferno #51 magazines.

  • 20.09.07
    S.M. NekroC interviewed in Ylex's radio program Todistaja X (Finnish). Showtime: today 21.00-22.00 GMT+2. The interview will be available for one week for listening at Yle Areena after it is aired.

  • 05.09.07


    The new promotional photos are available here and at Shadow World Recs' site.

  • 22.08.07
    S.M. NekroC and K.E. Pestilence at Pommiradio (talking in Finnish):

  • 16.08.07
    DIAGNOSIS HIT THE FINNISH ALBUM CHART: #30! Check the official album list here.

  • 31.07.07
    S.M. NekroC and K.E. Pestilence will be visiting Pommiradio 2.8. Showtime is 18-21 Finnish time.


    1.8. Kuopio, Henry's Pub (Kauppakatu 18) ~23.00 (Happy hour while the album is played!)
    2.8. Jyväskylä, Inferno Bar & Nightclub (Yliopistonkatu 40) ~21.00
    2.8. Tampere, Inferno Bar & Night Club (Tuomiokirkonkatu 17) ~21.00

  • 07.06.07

    Go to the Levykauppa X webstore to see the design and order the right size & model for your taste.

  • 02.06.07
    3 AUDIO SAMPLES AND A FULL TRACK from our upcoming album Diagnosis are now available for listening!

    Visit our Myspace page for the full version of "Extermination Network".


    1. Diagnosis: Deranged [listen]
    2. Extermination Network
    3. Ad Infinitum
    4. Panzram [listen]
    5. Drowned in the World of Delirium
    6. Ebola Instinct
    7. To Walk with the Dead
    8. Thy Flesh Consumed [listen]
    9. Abducted
    10.Incarnated Solvent Abuse (Carcass cover)

    The finnish release date for Diagnosis is set to 8.8.2007.

  • 30.03.07
    Our label Shadow World Records has opened a website. Also De Lirium's Order page is up there and running. The studio session is nearing the end and the release of our upcoming album 'Diagnosis' is scheduled August 2007! Read more about our drunken journey to delirium in the studio diary found below...

  • 20.02.07

    Read the official press release of Shadow World Records in Finnish here

  • 01.02.07


    De Lirium's Order has inked a recording contract with Shadow World Records, a fresh and rising Finnish metal/alternative label.

    The official press release will be unleashed soon.

  • 11.01.07 (S.M. NekroC)


    Hi all,

    De Lirium's Order will be entering Studio Perkele in March 2006 to record our second full length album with project name entitled "Diagnosis". The album will deliver a spectacle of varying pieces of death- and thrash-metal which can be only minorly compared to the previous releases. The new stuff really kicks ass as I really made it in a way I always have been yearning to do. The melody of sickest kind will be merged into the rhytms of complex death metal as it has always been the key idea behind DLO. You can listen one of the new songs, one of the basic ones, @ our (

    Unfortunately I have to announce that our lead singer Corpse is no longer part of the band. We are currently searching for a permanent vocalist. Mynni (Luukkainen/Infection from Sotajumala, Horna and Obscurant) has agreed to perform the vocals for the upcoming album.

    I'm really looking forward to the project. You can expect the album to released at late autumn of 2007!

    S.M. NekroC
    Lead guitarist and songwriter of De Lirium's Order

  • 23.11.06 (S.M. NekroC)

    We have split up our cooperation with Woodcut Records and a new record deal with a Finnish label will soon be signed. You can expect information about upcoming album soon!

    Check out De Lirium's Order @! FULL TRACK of demomaterial available there. The track was recorded during Spring 2006 at DLO's rehearsal room.

  • 15.07.06
    Audio samples of new material available! Recorded in our rehearsal room. Click the following links to download:
    Sample 1
    Sample 2
    Sample 3

    These samples are clips from the demo versions of our new material yet to be recorded in a proper studio.
  • 29.01.06
    The gig in Lutakko had to be cancelled due to Corpse's doublebooking. We'll try to find a replacement date for the gig. The show at Henry's Pub is cancelled also but instead we'll be playing the day after at Puijonsarvi, Kuopio. Check live section for details.
  • 21.10.05
    2 gigs confirmed for Jan and Feb '06 - see the live-section for details. The line-up on those gigs includes K.E. Pestilence (tormented bass) and Corpse (annihilated vocals). De Lirium's Order is now on the booking list of Dethrone Music.
  • 01.08.05
    Some new material is ready and we'll perform 1 new track at Jalometalli festival. The shirts are under designing process and you can expect them to be ready at autumn.
  • 16.04.05
    DE LIRIUM'S ORDER VOCALIST TUOMAS "TUOPPI" LINTULAAKSO IS DEAD. He was stabbed to death in Helsinki last night. The police has arrested the stabber.

    The DLO members will truly miss a great friend and the vocalist of the band.

    De Lirium's Order will tribute the Deathkampen 3 tour in Tuoppi's memory. Corpse (Deathchain) has agreed to do tour with us.

  • 18.02.05
    DLO appears at Jalometalli metal music festival next august 19-20.8!
  • 27.01.05
    Tour-information updated again: Deathkampen 3 in Club 25, Vaasa 7.5.05.
  • 11.01.05
    The gig placed 4.5 in Turku is dropped from Deathkampen 3 and the tour will head Kuopio, Henry's Pub!
  • 22.12.04
    The dates for Deathkampen 3 tour are postponed. See here
  • 02.12.04
    DLO will be supporting GRAVE (SWE) with CHAOSBREED (FIN) on Deathkampen 3 Tour 2005! Look here for the exact venues and warm-ups: live-section
    Thanks you motherfuckers who death'n'rolled with us at Kouvola last weekend!
  • 20.09.04
    New gig confirmed: Rytmi-Katti, Kouvola 26.11 with Torture Killer and Hellbox!
  • 06.09.04
    After a heavy summer and server provider problems we are back to business. There's a change in the line-up: Tuoppi (Slugathor) will replace Corpse in the vocal department from now on. Next live appearance will be 2.10 at Stella Star Club, Helsinki (look here for more details). Bunch of new reviews (mostly GER) are now available for viewing at the media section.
  • 21.04.04
    "Victim no. 52" got 10/10-rating! A couple of reviews available here. The album can be bought at:,,
  • 26.03.04
    A gig date confirmed. See details at live-section!
  • 25.02.04
    The already notorious debutalbum "Victim no. 52" proceeded to printing.
    Release date for Europe yet to come.
  • 15.03.04
    "Victim no. 52" arvostelu Tuhmassa (4.5/5). Release delayed by 2 days due to reason or another. See below.
  • 18.01.03
    Haastattelu Imperiumissa. Lukekaa ja silpoutukaa!
  • 01.02.04
    Whole layout changed to match better the murderous art performed by De Lirium's Order!!
  • 13.11.03
    Booze, blood and more booze! Despite the deliriumish' autumn we managed to conclude a mastering session at Finnvox studios so the album is in it's final form! The covers are almost finished. The release date is not confirmed due to possible licensing companies, but the album will be out around Feb '04.
  • 24.09.03
    Understand serbian language? Here's an interview made by Scissors Mag (AUS) with S. M. NekroC. (Ok, same in english)

    There hasn't been going on alot with DLO-camp since NekroC moved to another city. The album is still waiting for the mastering session and we haven't even started to work on the album covers. But prevail, as the rush ceases a bit, you will get your hands on the disc taking us to the World of Murder!
  • 23.08.03
    Maybe somebody is interested in hearing the new samples? Here are two pre-mastered clips from the upcoming debutalbum, a brief glance to the vast world of Extermination Network's sound: NeoThrashing Metal Inferno Dr. Lirium Orders: Suffering and a song, which arises from the cunning start riff 'til blasting Death Grind Sanctuary of Incineration. And those are just the beginning, because, the murderer will haunt you for total 50min on the album... and yes, blastbeat is not spared!
  • 05.08.03
    Semen, blood & urine -spilling studiosession begun! Read the studio diary here
  • 29.07.03 opened it's doors for all you bastard cock suckers.
  • 08.07.03
    Morbid Brains -demo saatavilla uudestaan mustavalkoisilla kansilla. Hintaa kertyy vain 3 euroa sisältäen postit!
  • 08.07.03
    The debut-album will be called Extermination Network (old). Here's the tracklist (not final):
    1. Victim no. 52 2. Sanctuary of Incineration 3. The Art of Butchering 4. Thy Flesh Consumed 5. Nightmare in Apartment 213 6. Abomination 7. Through the Eyes of a Murderer 8. Masterpiece of a Morbid Mind 9. The Sunrise 10. Dr. Lirium Orders: Suffering 11. Genital Chopper Boys 12. Pathologist's Perverse Fantasies
  • 24.06.03
    All tracks of Morbid Brains -demo now online! See audio-section to get them.
  • 19.06.03
    The first DE LIRIUM'S ORDER -album will be recorded in Tico Tico -studio (Finland) during August 2003 and released through Woodcut Records. More info on the album and the tracklist will be announced soon!
  • 18.06.03
    "Morbid Brains"-demo sold out. Reviews on one page, see it here.
  • 16.04.03
    Laituri suljetaan, keikkatapahtuma peruttu. Olemme mukana Imperiumin järjestämässä Eliminaattorissa, käykää äänestämässä! Vaatii rekisteröitymisen. Linkki sivulle ------- .'s review, see above.
  • 29.03.03
    Keikka: De Lirium's Order, Sotajumala, Amoral ja Dauntless Kuopion Laiturilla 17.5. Some new links.
  • 08.03.03
    Metalhel's review, link above. New biography in band-section.
  • 21.02.03
    Imperiumin arvostelu, katso ylös. Levyjä saatavilla Kuopion Levykauppa Äxässä. Jos ei hyllyssä niin kysy myyjiltä.
  • 15.02.03
    Released the new demo/promo MORBID BRAINS.
  • 09.02.03
    2003 New eye-mutilating layout. The new demo has been 90% ready for the last two months, but it will be finished very soon! Added more samples, one from the new demo and three full tracks from the older. Check the audio section for those. The old demo is still available for the price of 5 euros.