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De Lirium's Order (FIN) performs technical and
obscurely melodic metal music.


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  • April 16th // 2015

    Victim no. 52 available for streaming

    Almost exactly 11 years ago we released our debut album Victim no. 52. The album inspired by Rostov Ripper and likes has been sold out for some time. Luckily it's now made available for streaming and digital purchase by our former label Woodcut!

    Check it out here!

  • September 24th // 2014

    New album from De Lirium's Order in 2015

    Working on the new album. The composing work is progressing nicely and we're targeting to release next year!

  • March 21st // 2013

    Webstore opened, a gig at Jyväskylä

    Support the band directly and get your shirts and CD's here! Veniversum shirts are almost sold out.

    Our next live performance will be at Jyväskylä 27th April where we'll rise upon the stage with Soulfallen and Lucidity!

  • March 15th // 2013

    Schizophrenic guitar and bass tablature available

    Get the tablature in Guitar Pro 5 format here!

  • February 7th // 2013

    De Lirium's Order to perform at Tuska Festival & Maximum Sentence guitar and bass tablature available

    Our appearance in Tuska Festival (Helsinki, Finland) on Sat 29.6.2013 has been confirmed! More information and tickets can be found at Tuska's website.

    Ukri Suvilehto has agreed to back us behind the drumkit for this special appearance. Timo Ruokola will handle the second guitar. This will most likely be our only live show during the upcoming summer.

    Get the Maximum Sentence tablature in Guitar Pro 5 format here!

  • January 17th // 2013

    The Aftermath guitar and bass tablature available

    Get the tablature in Guitar Pro 5 format here!

  • November 25th // 2012

    My Kingdom from Baekdu guitar tablature available

    Get the tablature in Guitar Pro 5 format here!

    This version is missing the bass lines but we'll add them as soon as possible.

  • November 10th // 2012

    My Kingdom from Baekdu Video

  • October 20th // 2012

    The Gravity of Crime guitar and bass tablature available

    Get the tablature in Guitar Pro 5 format here!

  • October 19th // 2012

    Seppuku guitar and bass tablature available

    Get the tablature in Guitar Pro 5 format here!

  • October 1st // 2012

    .44 guitar and bass tablature available

    Get the tablature in Guitar Pro 5 format here!

  • September 19th // 2012

    Goodbye Ukri and Mika

    The last year with De Lirium's Order has been very time consuming for all of us. The production of Veniversum and the live shows that followed the release have required considerable personal investments from the band members. Mika and Ukri have now decided to concentrate on something else. We will miss you and the great time spent together in the studio and on the road!

    Do you think that you would fit into the ranks of De Lirium's Order as guitarist or drummer? Drop us a private note at our Facebook page or our email!

  • June 1st // 2012

    Here it is, the complete guitar and bass tablature for Autistic Savant! (Guitar Pro version 5)

    Play a cover of the song with any instrument (guitar, bass, drums, singing, flute...) and post a video/audioclip to Youtube/Soundcloud/... . We will choose the winner who receives a special prize (shirts, cd's, posters, tickets to live shows etc)!

    Here are some PDF versions for those who don't have Guitar Pro.

    Juha's Guitar
    Mika's Guitar
    Juha's Solo
    Mika's Solo

  • April 22nd // 2012

    De Lirium's Order will perform in Nummirock at 22nd June (Midsummer's Eve in Finland)! Other bands confirmed include Sabaton, Fear Factory, Swallow the Sun and many more!

    Check out the Nummirock page for more info!

  • March 26th // 2012

    Thanks to all of you who attended our Veniversum North Finland Minitour gigs in Kuopio, Oulu and Rovaniemi!!! We had such a great time playing with Lithuria and Ravage Machinery. Special thanks goes to Rauli Alaruikka who organized the tour.

    Now you can get Veniversum also from Bandcamp, iTunes and Amazon.

  • March 20th // 2012

    Time to unleash our new music video, Autistic Savant!

  • March 16th // 2012

    VENIVERSUM ENNAKKOKUUNTELU / EXCLUSIVE PRELISTENING :: Listen the whole album here, available until 23.03.2012!

    We will soon release our first professional MUSIC VIDEO of Autistic Savant, the opening track of our new album Veniversum. Stay tuned!

  • March 7th // 2012

    Imperiumissa on käynnissä kilpailu jossa 3kpl palkintopaketteja: voita levy itsellesi ja kaverillesi sekä ilmainen sisäänpääsy mille tahansa tulevan kiertueemme keikoista.

    22.03. Kuopio, Resistori + Lithuria & Ravage Machinery
    23.03. Oulu, Hevimesta + Lithuria & Ravage Machinery
    24.03. Rovaniemi, Grande + Lithuria & Ravage Machinery

  • November 16th // 2011 // Ukri Suvilehto w/Reference Pure: De Lirium's Order - .44

  • September 18th // 2011 // .44 preview released from Veniversum

    Listen to the high quality version that is available at our Facebook profile.

    Our drummer, Ukri Suvilehto, also made a video clip on the song:

    We are now finished with the mixing process of Veniversum. Mastering is ongoing. Everything will be ready in a week! Stay tuned for release dates.

  • September 7th // 2011 // Interview at Imperiumi

    Here's the interview we gave to Imperiumi during Tuska Festival.

  • September 1st // 2011 // New Gigs: Rytmikorjaamo and Helvation

    Two new gigs are confirmed now:
    Fri 30.09.2011 @ Rytmikorjaamo / Seinäjoki, event announced later
    Sat 10.12.2011 @ DOM / Helsinki, Helvation Festival II

    Here's a video from our rehearsal!

  • August 9th // 2011 // Veniversum Drum Recording Sessions

    Here's the diary of the first days spent at Seawolf Studios. Created by our drummer, Ukri Suvilehto.

    36 studio dates later the album is almost ready, now waiting for mastering!

  • July 28th // 2011 // Interview at Inferno Magazine (in Finnish)

    Read the whole interview here.

  • July 1st // 2011 // Uge Recording a Song from Veniversum Album

    Ukri Suvilehto recording for De Lirium's Order, ''Veniversum'' (2011) @ Seawolf studios

  • June 11th // 2011 // Ukri Suvilehto featured on Sick Drummer Magazine

    Check out the interview with Ukri, the young and talented drummer who will be performing on DLO's next album entitled "Veniversum".

    Sick Drummer Magazine

  • April 25th // 2011 // Album Material - Veniversum Samples Available

    These versions contain:
    - Demo machine drums
    - Guitars ready for album (not demo)
    - Some clean vocals by E. Silvennoinen (clean)
    - Some growl vocals performed by undersigned

    During the studio session in June we'll add real drums (good luck Ukri!), Olli's vocals, some synth & effects, and of course re-amp the guitars with best possible gear. The album should be out in Fall 2011!

    What else... we had our first rehearsals with Ukri and had fun playing together for that evening. The guys played really well even it was the first time. Maybe should create more difficult material to increase the challenge?


  • April 2nd // 2011 // Ukri Suvilehto to perform on De Lirium's Order's 3rd studio album

    After expecting no changes regarding the line-up before studio (the previous blog post) we found ourselves in a situation where Perttu Kurttila (drums) had to reconsider his 100% commitment to the band. Perttu thought that it would be best for the band if somebody else would do the job. Perttu's time is fully consumed by studio production work and his other band projects (Lithuria, Tracedawn).

    Luckily, as I approached Ukri Suvilehto, the young and talented drummer already well-kown by his incredible drum cover videos in Youtube, we soon reached agreement that he will perform on our upcoming album entitled "Veniversum". "UgE" is a fantastic drummer and I can't wait for his contribution!

  • March 18th // 2011 // New DLO Vocalist: KARI OLLI

    And finally we arrived to the end of the search process! The man breathing delirium in his lungs turned out to be Kari Olli. Kari is known for some as the talented guitarist and vocalist of Pressure Points, a progressive metal band which recently finalized their European tour with Nile. Last Sunday, we tested some parts of our vocals with Kari and the result was awesome!

    All the backing guitars are now recorded, just wait until the next week for a couple of samples! Next I and Mika will focus on solo guitars and Erkki on bass.

    The studio session of our 3rd album is tentatively scheduled for the end of June 2011. Early Fall 2011 would be the logical release timeframe if everything goes smoothly this time! What could go wrong now?

    Check out also our blog or Facebook page to comment!

  • February 24th // 2011 // Album recording shifted & Vocalist position open

    The blog tells everything. Slight setbacks but now we have even more time to concentrate on the album.

  • January 4th // 2011 // NEW BIOGRAPHY AVAILABLE

    The Band section features now a updated biography giving details of the band's history.


    Here it is, a demonstration from the upcoming album! Read some background information from the blog.

    Press the down-arrow at right to download. De Lirium's Order - Maximum Sentence (demo version) by De Lirium's Order

  • OCTOBER 1st // 2010
    We've reserved one day of studio time from East Sound Studios to record and shoot a video of "Maximum Sentence", a track from our upcoming album. This "teaser" should be available next month.

    As also written in our blog, the recordings for the upcoming album will take place in February 2011. Expect nothing but the best performance by De Lirium's Order delivered to your bleeding eardrums.

  • OCTOBER 1st // 2010
    This website is now opened to provide a single source for De Lirium's Order related information. You may notice that this is an old layout, apologies for that. Some improvements are to be made here and we'll work on these in the near future.

    What improvements? To begin with: social media has replaced guestbooks, we're not close to thrash metal anymore, in the old age it was common to provide links to other websites, etc etc. We'll do better with a new website. In the meantime we'll try to live with this old fashioned ugly piece of ***.

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