Perkele Studio, Finland
08.03 - 1.4 2007

08.03.2007 DAY 1
Fever and Delirium -meter shows high numbers

Yet another journey through pain is about to begin. I'm now writing this from my home, soon leaving to the abyssal studio of pestilence and molestation, Perkele Studio. E.R. Insane should soon already be there. Everything is ruined since I've been sick for the rest 4 days: high fever and kinda deliriumish feeling overall doesn't do good when it's about playing the new physical songs! We've got video camera packed up so be ready for some footage of ugly DLO-yerks molestating each other in the already notorious 'palju'. This will be the case if I won't die soon to this sickness...

S.M. NekroC

09.03.2007 DAY 2
The Nemesis was taking it's place

Yeah, the first recording day is finally over. And I all can say is "What the fuck is happening with my feet?!" I mean, I've totally lost my feet control. Altought, it was to be expected since the last couple of weeks at the rehearsal room went so well. "I'm losing it" (quote from the good old bestiality-lover Corpse). Against your all expections, there are something good to say also. We managed to record 5 songs, Morba, Ebola, Mulat, Sickroom and Phagist. Half of the songs left. The hardest ones. I'm hoping a miracle to happen during the night (or getting a bicycle here). Forgot to say that my drums are sounding awesome. I won't tell the brand as they haven't paid me for advertising their products, you bastards. But(t) now its time to bastu and maybe take couple of cold beers? More proge will follow tomorrow.

E.R Insane

Remember also the good and (very) old clip of E.R. Insane performing on MoonTV... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fgdtZ24U5IY

10.03.2007 DAY 3
Some miracle did happen!

As topic says it, miracles aren't history. I don't know what happened during the night, but my playing was something unbelivable compared to yesterday. Honestly, I'm speechless. We got all 5 remaining songs done pretty easily. And those songs are the hardest ones to play on drums. Still, I'm not complaining - my job for the album is completed! The "fiilinki" is great. S.M. NekroC boasted with his superior cooking skills and created some lasagne for all of us. Now it's time to take couple of beers and maybe some Jalsu (!). And of course Bastu2.

E.R. Insane

11.03.2007 DAY 4
Play or party?

Today was really the day of pain... what I mean is that when we woke up I sensed that there really was something wrong with our minds. The reality was revealed to me when I saw the empty bottles - I knew that some serious vodka drinking had occured (see the video footage below)! Terrible hangover. Seriously. We started for the search of perfect guitar sound. After loading in the guitar gear we faced some serious technical difficulties. We had total 6 different guitar channels running to tape all the time and some of them were out of sync! After two takes we have 12 different guitar channels and there was something to work with I think... After Zipi worked hard we got all the guitars into sync and everything was allright.

We had quite large difficulties with destroying all the booze that we had. Today Mr. Markus came here and gave us a large bottle of original Absinthe! Now everything is allright again and we're ready to rock! We played a couple of rounds of Pro Evolution Soccer. I destroyed Zipi there once but after that there was no question about who was the real master (Zipi).

S.M. NekroC

12.03.2007 DAY 5
Guitar recordings begun and almost ended

Today it was my time to start laying the guitar tracks. It didn't start well since I was still a bit sick of flu. Also some hangover haunted my brains so all the ingredients for catastrophe were at hand. We took a long break and Zipi cooked us some nice chicken pasta. To compensate the not-so-healthy diet with alcohol Mr. thrashing mad E.R. Insane chopped some fresh greek salad.

After the break I miraculously got 6 tracks recorded with enormous concentration and patience. It was so unbelievably hard as the playing skill was about %26 of the normal level... Maybe it's better to not drink any absinthe today so I get everything done tomorrow.

S.M. NekroC

13.03.2007 DAY 6
Backing guitars recorded!

I got all the guitar tracks on the tape! We started at 3pm and finished the recordings around 12pm. Then it was time for sauna and a couple of beers. It seems that our 'kisakunto' is gone since we haven't been drinking the absinthe or other heavier stuff - only hard work. What is wrong? Ain't we supposed to be drunk here all the time... After the sauna we watched Saw 3 which wasn't as good as the previous parts.

Tomorrow we're going to render a couple of audio samples for you to listen. I'll continue with the solos. Actually I've got only short pieces composed so it's going to be a heavy day...

S.M. NekroC

14.03.2007 DAY 7
Solos recorded!

My Part on this album is almost done! I made my personal record yesterday. It all started with having only 2-3 solos completely finished. I composed 5 more solos in a of couple hours. After the landlord Zipi returned from his trip we recorded every fucking solo! Unbelievable, it all took around 3 hours... 2 days ago I was just inches away from loosing it... Now I got to help a bit with K.E. Pestilence's bass lines and it's over.

K.E. Pestilence and Dr. Lirium will come tomorrow to the studio and most propably the hell will break loose. Maybe we should go and buy some serious amounts of jallu...

S.M. NekroC

15.03.2007 DAY 8
We're getting close...

This is turning out to be like a normal day job. Only exception is that we're waking up when we please and work when it feels right for our 'artistic' mood. First of all, when we got to the studio we noticed that the batteries of the bass guitar's active mics had emptied. So we went to the store and bought replacements. I got a couple of the bass lines recorded. K.E. Pestilence will work on the remaining stuff tomorrow. We also worked on a intro-like song which is going to sound different from anything DLO has done before! We'll rely on Zipi Jack Tyger and machines on that one. We visited the local hillbilly-Alko and bought some heavy stuff for us to drink tomorrow... The unholy Palju will be heated up at latest on saturday!

S.M. NekroC

16.03.2007 DAY 9
The day of pestilence and ultimate sickness

I left from the work with my mind full of hope. Me and Dr. Lirium arrived to Oitti after 7 hours of driving across Finland. Dr. Lirium started drinking in half way and I had to take over the wheel. My mortal body was possessed with some strange disease. In Oitti we started to work with bass lines and all hope was gone. Soon I remembered the wisdoms of the good old Kuolio "when you have given with the spoon, you can't take it with the bucket" I discovered that it was true as hell. I recorded few bass lines and then it was time for some serious drinking (Bastu good, recording bad). At 3am. Zipi whistled game over and sauna was warm as HELL (thanks to saunamajuri dr. lirium). Now it's over the 4am and the drinking meininki is in the good shape. Tomorrow we are going desecrate the famous "palju" and do some mixing.

K.E. Pestilence

16.03.2007 DAY 10
The Reckoning Day

Disease! disease! spreading the disease. With some help from captain trips, Hell bring the world down to his knees. Yesterday we drank till 9 am. In morning I felt ill, but the hangover wasn't as bad as you could imagine. Today we worked with our techno song and did some repairs for the bass lines what we did yesterday "kuppipäissään" Now all the instrument lines should be done, awesome. We celebrated our accomplishments with warming the sauna and "unholy palju". "Palju" is maybe the best thing that hangovered man can ask for. Palju good, drinks good, Anthrax good, new stuff good, hangover clobbered. Hahhahhaa...

K.E. Pestilence

25.03.2007 DAY 12
Back in business

After a couple days of rest we returned to the abyss on farmside, Studio Perkele. This time our session vocalist Infection joined us to drink unholy booze and swim in the palju. We got 3 vocal tracks and after it it was time for sauna and notorious palju. Earlier this day Infection almost got himself in deep shit as the announcements at the train didn't work at the right stop. He travelled all the way to Riihimäki and we had to drive there to rescue him.

S.M. NekroC

26.03.2007 DAY 13
Clint Eastwood is godlike

Today we recorded 5 more vocal tracks. Infection's sound was incredible. I was amazed about the amount of energy he could bring into my music. This is going to sound something I've dreamed of for a long time! After the recordings we started to drink alot of booze and filmed a some kind of monster, western film. "Enjoy" the result below... Now the clock is 8:07AM and all the drinks we reserved for today are gone... Time to go to sauna. Then maybe to sleep a couple of hours before I planned we should start to warm up Palju again.

S.M. NekroC

The western

27.03.2007 DAY 14
Laulu, jurri ünd fetus position

Finally the vocals are done and the real drinking is about to begin! Dry applesider, beer, salmiakkikossu and, of course our most precious friend: Mr. Jaloviina(yhren tähren)! Hooray for Him! And now the human wreak is finally starting enjoy the company of good friends and intoxication...


After a long highway trip feat. very numb ass (thanks to hard seats of S.M. NecroC's Passat) I was pretty happy to catch Oitti suur-city finally. As I arrived, guys were waking up at 4.oo pm. Maybe they took couple of beers and Jallu the night before? We listened the result of yesterday's vocal recordings and HOLY FUKK! Infection is THE man! Those vocals just blew up my mind! Just wait to hear... After a normal "paskanjauhanta" we moved into the studio. Infection nailed the last remaining tracks and after that it was a time for a party. We took "couple" of beers and Jallu's and whatsoever. Guys almost drown theirselves as trying to beat the world record of holding breath at the Unholy Palju. I went to sleep about 8.oo am, dunno how long guys were partying... Now it's time to new beginning!

E.R. Insane

27 & 28.03.2007 DAY 15 & 16
We almost lost it

This was almost the hardest day of my life. We were all dead like buried corpses. 15 days of hard drinking is draining all the life out from our mortal corpses. We had very hard time mixing the album further ahead the finishing line. Infection left and we got some drinks after it. Yesterday we returned 211 bottles at time to the store - that's like the record for all the time being here. Every day we have to get a good money out of bottles stored around this farm. After the hard work of grilling we went to Palju with E.R. Insane. He got an erection and I had to get out of there... very quickly.

S.M. NekroC

Day 16 started started as usual: a couple cups of coffee, porridge and of of course some "ruikkari"... A couple of hours later rest of the guys woke up. After morning rituals we moved into the studio to check some drum tracks - basically, to remove some ghost notes from the bass drum tracks. We also changed tires to S.M. NecroC's car and surprise, surprise we visited the local store to buy some food and beverages. I made some Thai food for every one of us and I think they liked it. We forgot to say that the Unholy Palju was already warming up. We took some drinks and went to Unholy Palju to make some brown noises. In the meantime Zipi the Landlord was in flames at the studio! He made THE snare drum sound. Tomorrow it will be 2nd last day in here so maybe its time to party?

E.R. Insane

30.03.2007 DAY 17

Today we woke up with a bit better feelings than yesterday. Man, yesterday was like burning in the pits of hell! Zipi mixed the album further ahead and me and E.R. Insane were supervising. At times it was a bit hard to concentrate as I wounded in a good-old-western duel... see it below. The album sounds quite promising at this point. After this day we have only 2 days of hard work to finish everything. Now it's time to fire up the sauna, drink a massive amount of booze (it's friday for fucks sake!!) and maybe drown in the Unholy Palju. We also had a massive battle in NHL2007 between Kalpa (me the NHL Caesar) and Blues (E.R. Insane) and I won 4-1! That's like something to not happen any day...

S.M. NekroC

The Duel

31.03.2007 DAY 18
Back to normal, piece by piece

The day started by the worst way you could ever think: We have burned all the trees. That means we can't go to Unholy Palju anymore!! No palju, no fun. Btw. this is the first day without any booze, just soft drinks. Cold Jaffa tasted like a dream after this long beer-period... Zipi has been mixing the album whole day, with just a couple of breaks (crazy guy). He is doing a great job! Also S.M. NecroC did some great job. He made us very delicious chicken breast with a rice and blue cheese. But thats all now Folks - tomorrow we'll be leaving this Perkele (and THE Unholy Palju, which we miss already) and head to home sweet home. Can't wait to get to own bed to take some "lebi"...

E.R. Insane

01.04.2007 DAY 19
It's all over

We left the studio with an album at our hands. It's not ready yet, no no! We have to make some minor adjustments to complete it. I think it's good to listen through it a couple times and then go to make the finishing touch. At this moment one word describes my feelings towards 'Diagnosis': Fresh. This is the first time I can listen to any record after intensive recording where you must listen through it a zillion times.

Thanks to my bandmates and everyone who cared to read & watch through this shit! 'Diagnosis' will be unleashed in August 2007, at least in Finland!

S.M. NekroC