Current line-up:
Juha Kupiainen: Guitar
Kari Olli: Vocals
Erkki Silvennoinen: Bass


About the band and its music:
Formed in 1998, and developing their unique craft ever since, De Lirium's Order (FIN) embodies unmerciful brutality and insanity put to music. The band combines grinding blast beats, technical riffs, catchy thrash-lines, obscure melodies and manic guitar leads to create death metal onslaught. In 2003 the band signed a recording contract with Woodcut Records and during the following year the debut album "Victim No. 52", featuring Corpse (now Deathchain) in vocals, was released. This cold-blooded assault received praising response from the critics and death metal fiends worldwide.

In the beginning of 2007, the band signed with Shadow World Records and the album "Diagnosis" was released in August 8th reaching the Finnish charts position #30. This time the vocals were manhandled by Mynni from the leading Finnish death metal act Sotajumala. During the years De Lirium's Order has established it's position among the most appreciated bands in the Finnish death metal genre.

De Lirium's Order renewed its lineup in Fall 2010 and is now getting ready for recording the band's 3rd studio album. The recording sessions are scheduled for February 2011.

About lyrics:
The stories that De Lirium's Order seamlessly twines its music with are about some of the most extraordinary occurrences that have already made - or are about to make - their impact to the world. Books, news, and stories on these incidents inspire the lyrics that support DLO's chaotic yet sophisticated musical dimension. These lyrics document the world with a fictive touch taking no political view nor provoking to do anything but experience the piece of art and recreate the occurrences.

About the name (Collins English Dictionary):
Delirium: 1. A state of excitement and mental confusion, often accompanied by hallucinations, caused by high fever, poisoning, brain injury, etc; 2. violent excitement or emotion; frenzy
Order: 1. a state in which all components or elements are arranged logically, comprehensibly, or naturally; 7. an instruction that must be obeyed; command


Years 1998 - 2002
Juha Kupiainen and his friends formed a band called Adraman in Kuopio, Finland, in 1998 to create melodic black metal. Adraman released one demo tape in 1999 called "Sidottuna Ikuisuuteen". After this, Kupiainen continued to compose a dozen of new songs which were never released.

In 2000, the name was changed to Absolute Delirium, which the band used to play one gig with Thyrane and Trollheim's Grott.

In 2001, after several line-up stages in the band's pre-DLO-era, Kupiainen and drummer E.R. Insane saw a new member joining the band, and who was given a stage name 'Dr. Lirium'. The new lineup started to rehearse new songs, and the work resulted in self financed CD, "Termination in Surreal", featuring eleven tracks of metal music with the 'original flavor'. The CD was released in 2002, and when the covers for the CD were pending for the bands name, Kupiainen chose the name "De Lirium's Order" to be printed on the cover.

"Termination in Surreal" was not promoted widely, but it was praised in many reviews. In retrospective, the CD is an experimental step in the band's growth process. Some trivia: On this release, Kupiainen featured a Fender Stratocaster with scalloped fretboard and HS3's to create far-too-long pompous solos with Yngwie Malmsteen solo sound. The vocals were handled by Kupiainen and some of the lyrics were sung in Finnish language. Those were the days...

In 2003, De Lirium's Order took a step ahead with their four-track demo-CD called "Morbid Brains". The band decided to make a bit more aggressive approach to the music and took the bearing step towards death metal, the component that has been present in the band's music ever since. The demo won a competition held by the leading Finnish metal music portal Imperiumi. One thing lead to another, and the band signed a record deal with Woodcut Records.

An interview in Finnish is available from this era.

Years 2003-2005

In 2003 the band entered Tico-Tico Studio in a northern city of Kemi, Finland, to record the debut album "Victim No. 52". The vocals on the album were performed by Corpse (now Deathchain). Another member of Deathchain, Kuolio, wrote the lyrics and performed them on an experimental song "Pathologist's Perverse Fantasies".

"Victim No. 52" was released 2004 by Woodcut Records. The album received praising response from critics and fans of death metal worldwide, and some considered the album to be even 'the death metal album of the year'. However, during the the hype the band agreed with Corpse that whe would not continue as the singer as his other projects were occupying most of his time.

Corpse, E.R. Insane, S.M. NekroC and Dr. Lirium in 2004

Tuomas (Tuoppi) Lintulaakso was recruited as the new vocalist in 2004. The band played only two gigs with Tuoppi during 2005. Tragically, Tuoppi was stabbed to death in unclear circumstances in April 2005. "Tuoppi will stay in our memories forever. He was one the most authentic and artistic persons I knew, and one of my best friends at the time of the tragedy" tells Kupiainen.

DLO was booked for Deathkampen 3 tour accross Finland featuring headliner Grave (swe) and Sotajumala (fin) at around the time Tuoppi's death. Despite the incident the tour was arranged with DLO's former singer Corpse who filled in for Tuoppi to honor his memory.

Years 2006-2009

Kupiainen spent the years '05-'07 composing songs for the next album. In the beginning of 2007, the band signed with Shadow World Records and entered Studio Perkele to record the band's sophomore album.

The band stayed in the studio for twenty days and spawned nine new songs plus a cover song from Carcass, Incarnated Solvent Abuse. This time the vocals were manhandled by Mynni from the leading Finnish death metal act Sotajumala. The video material from the session is available in DLO's Youtube channel.

"Diagnosis" was released in August 8th and it hit the Finnish charts position #30. The album was received well both by the audience and critics.

Similar to the agreement with Corpse, during the recordings of "Victim no. 52", the band agreed with Mynni that his contribution would end after the "Diagnosis" recording, and J.S. Psycho was hired in 2007 to handle the vocal department. With him, the band performed live shows in Helsinki, Lahti, Jyväskylä, and Kuopio.

Dr. Lirium, Mynni, S.M. NekroC, E.R. Insane, and K.E. Pestilence in 2007

According to Kupiainen the years 2003-2010 might have been the heyday for the band as the albums received such spectacular reviews. However, he along with the rest of the band found himself occupied with other 'compulsory activities' and could not designate enough time to run the band professionally but more as a hobby.

2011 and onwards

Twelve years has passed and the band has taken the biggest step so far. Kupiainen, the founder and lead guitarist, has been composing new material during the past year, and at the same time, recruiting new members to the band. The line-up has now been re-newed and the new material is almost finished for the 3rd studio album.

Guitarist Mika Sundvall was the first to join the new line-up, and due to music teaching background and close ties with Kupiainen, he made a perfect candidate for the band looking for new talent.

DLO's drum battery section has been occupied by a young, skilled Perttu Kurttila, who is previously known from bands Tracedawn and Lithuria and as a recording producer.

From a list of gifted candidates, Jukka Pihlajaniemi was selected as the new vocalist with roots in bands such as The Undivine and Finnish Metal Awards winner Ghoul Patrol.

The line-up was completed a with distinguished musician, Erkki Silvennoinen, who previously has been involved in acts such as Amoral, Finnish Idols winner Ari Koivunen and some acts outside the metal genre.

During the years De Lirium's Order has established it's position among the most appreciated bands in the Finnish death metal scene. The recording sessions for the new album are scheduled for February 2011. News and insights to the development of the album, composing and pain in general can be followed through the band's official blog.

In February 2011 the band split with Jukka Pihlajaniemi who was soon replaced by Kari Olli (Pressure Points). Similar switch happened with drums as Ukri Suvilehto joined the band in Spring 2011.

Line-up history, in order of appearance:
-Juha Kupiainen (a.k.a S.M. NekroC): Lead Guitar [1998-]
-E.R. Insane: Drums [1998-2010]
-Dr. Lirium: Guitar [2000-2010]
-Corpse: Vocals [2002-2004, 2005-2007]
-K.E. Pestilence: Bass [2004-2010]
-Tuoppi (RIP): Vocals [2004-2005]
-Mynni: Vocals (session artist for Diagnosis album) [2007]
-J.S. Psycho: Vocals [2007-2010]
-Mika Sundvall: Guitar [2010-2012]
-Perttu Kurttila: Drums [2010-2011]
-Jukka Pihlajaniemi: Vocals [2010-2011]
-Erkki Silvennoinen: Bass [2010-]
-Kari Olli: Vocals [2011-]
-Ukri Suvilehto: Drums [2011-2012]